And So It Begins

It's day two of the month off.  My last day at work was Friday, four days ago, and I've got until early September.  Arguably, the financially clever move would have been to keep plugging away on them networks until some point in mid or late August, but the academically and mental-healthily clever move was definitely to take the whole thing off instead.

I have to write lectures, you see, for I am teaching a class I've never taught before and it's going to be a lot to read up on and a lot to write about.  We also have house stuff coming up - kitchen disruption and reconstruction, various much more minor decorative enterprises - and, in something of a non-sequitur, we're buying a new car (no better time to buy a car than just after quitting one's full-time job, after all.)

Mostly, though, we're going to do a big reconstruct-the-sanity month.  We're going on a three-day vacation to the coast, officially constituting the first official vacation we've officially been on since...2008?  I have no idea.  We're seeing family from back east, my brother graduates from his radiography program, and we plan to spend a lot of time hanging around w/ our homies in Portland.  Above all else, we're getting to spend time together as a three-person elite cadre.  This is a revelatory thing, to get to spend that much family time together, and I have been seriously looking forward to it.

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