The Two-Year-Old Thing Is No Joke

We've been hosting B's folks for the last week; they just took off this morning to move the party to B's oldest brother's place in Oregon City.  Their stay coincided with the second truly volcanic event of Plan C's latest thing she's into: being two. 

The concept of the terrible twos is something I hoped was just a phony bit of received wisdom.  It is not.  This shit is serious.  She goes from zero to ballistic in three seconds, she won't take no for an answer, regardless of how much no has to be the answer (e.g. "no you may not have daddy's machete"), and she's basically out to murder us.  She punctuates the insanity with moments of brilliance and cuteness, just enough to keep us from joining her in the screaming and crying the rest of the time.

Oh, and in other news (post on this forthcoming), I officially put in notice at my job.  I'm done being an IT guy at the end of the month.  As of September, I'm a FULL-F'ING TIME HISTORY INSTRUCTOR at the local community college.  Everyone who reads this thing probably already knew that, but just in case not, yeah.  Again, I'll try to capture how monumental this is for me (and, really, for humankind) in a post to be written in the near future.

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Heather said...

Good luck with the terrible two's…that sounds miserable.

And a HUGE congratulations and mazel tov on the history instructor position!! I had no idea! I can't even imagine how exciting this is for you! Imagine that - USING your degree! Who knew?