We Cut the Mullet

Update on the kid:

We cut the mullet.  Plan C has been late on a few things in her young life, most notably walking and hair growth.  She's got a nice little top of soft blond hair, now, that starts straight and ends with cute little curls, but it was a long time getting here. 

Like all sane human beings, I had long hated toddler and kid mullets, representing as they do either a malicious but technically legal form of child abuse, total and blithering cluelessness, or sheer stupidity, but it turns out there's a phantom fourth reason for letting your kid's mullet grow like the mighty oak: the inability to figure out what to do with it. 

In our case, hair took so long in arriving and multiplying that we were hesitant to prune it.  We kind of figured that if we ignored it, the mullet might just go away.  Instead, we accidentally gave Plan C the most fun evening of her life by propping her up in her seat and giving her a bunch of raspberries and cake, then letting her watch an entire episode of Sesame St. while B snipped away.  The end result: adorable.  It feels like a huge iron mullet was lifted from my back.  Pics forthcoming.

In other news, new social strategies are afoot, involving regular BBQs, other dinners, and a new Pathfinder (read: basically the same thing as D+D) game I'm going to run.  Also, I keep hoping the Nervous will get to practice more often.

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