How to Rock N Roll Like The Nervous

  1. Arrive a few minutes early with salad bowls and utensils to return.
  2. Caffeinate.*
  3. Clean and re-organize practice space.  Help set up new dryer, remove old crappy furniture and move to curb.
  4. Vacuum and sweep.
  5. Go to the store and get some new extension cords for use with new speakers and mixer.
  6. Discuss need to figure out the whole vocals situation.
  7. Tune, play around with speaker placement and volume.
  8. Actually practice for 30-something minutes.
The Nervous: efficiency, punctuality, cleanliness.   We're the kind of band that will show up and do the fuck out of your dishes.

* Spell check in Ubuntu has decaffeinate but  not caffeinate.  What are those commie bastards up to?

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