Nostalgic All Up In Here

I woke up early today.  No one's in the office, yet.  I'm creating new shared resources on our exchange server and, in a few minutes, I will go and update all of the Linux servers with the latest batch of security patches.  I have been getting early-warning signs of carpal tunnel in my right wrist/hand, so I switched to a trackball at work; the only thing that really sucks about that is if I have to shell out another 50 bucks for one at home...


I am feeling kind of nostalgic for some reason, possibly the fact that things have been going well lately and B and I have been trying to be better about appreciating it rather than anticipating future events.  A few specific times come to mind:
  • The summer after junior year in high school, cruising around in the CRX listening to Devo, soaking up having a serious girlfriend for the first time in my young life, playing in a ska band.
  • The good parts of the drunken insanity that was my year in England in college.
  • Playing in Mondale, nerd rock deities of Eugene, Oregon circa 2000.  In general, my senior year in college was superlative...B and I started dating, the Blitzhaus was in full effect, and I was close friends with a whole scrappy crew of nerd-punks.
  • The good parts of the drunken insanity that was the two years working at The Worst Company in the World, loving living in Portland for the first time, getting married, hanging out with similarly awesome nerdy punky kids.
  • The history crew when I went to grad school at the U of O.
  • The parts of Santa Cruz that I liked, especially the first year when the history kids there were super tight.
  • When we moved back to Portland four years later, especially those first two months before I had a job and all we did was go on walks and hang out with our friends (side note: two unemployed people is about right for being able to care for a baby and maintain a modicum of sanity.)
  • Now.
The proverbial icing on the cake is the fact that it is Friday...and that means Pad Khee Mao for lunch.

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noncoupable said...

That really was a great year. Had to go find that photo..... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150163516205231&set=a.137189510230.227329.857570230&type=3&theater