Verily Shall I Endeavor!

...to do the following things!
  1. I shall ignore the fact that I am on a bike, miserably racing past dorks in their silly bike clothes and dodging traffic. Note that this willful ignorance will not preclude me from due caution.
  2. I shall eschew the three hours of video game leisure I have per week in favor of maybe closer to 1.5 hours of it, along with 1.5 of something more useful!
  3. I shall write some new tunes for The Nervous. For lo, at some point shall we practice yet again!
  4. I shall continue my miserable fucking workout routine, in the vain quest of...what? Who knows?!
  5. I shall continue diving head-first into technical challenges at work about which I know...precious little.
  6. I shall blog slightly more frequently!

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