Didn't Get The House

I haven't had a generic newsy post in a while, so here I go...

We've been going back and forth with the seller of this one neat house in North Portland for the last two-plus weeks. It's a cool place in a nice neighborhood. It also has a lot of big-deal problems, so the negotiations had to do with making sure that he'd fix 'em before we bought it. We finally reached a point today where there was just too much of an unknown potential money-pit factor (four foundation repair inspections later) and we bailed.

We are bummed, but also excited to look at other places armed with the knowledge gleaned from this particular $700 misadventure (the cost of all the inspections - the would-be buyer has to pay for those...)

All subsequent houses we consider putting an offer down on must have the following characteristics:
  1. Gas heat.
  2. No not-necessarily decommissioned old oil tanks buried in the yard.
  3. No foundation issues.
  4. More than a few feet in between us and the neighbors.
  5. A basement that is not too cavelike; actual stalagmites especially not okay.
  6. A neighborhood we'd be down with walking in.
Anyway, better luck next time, us.


Ransom said...

It had stalagmites?

Chris said...

Well...not really.

Leah said...

I'm sorry, I know it can be frustrating, but it sounds like it was a good decision. Our house did not have gas heat when we bought it - we went a year without a furnace!