Regarding Those Things I Mentioned

  1. So, it turns out that I really like software testing ("Quality Assurance"...orperhapsyouprefer "Business Analysis"). It's tricky stuff in that you need to understand complex software at a pretty deep level and you need to be able to apprehend problems from a user perspective and from a development perspective. BUT holy crap is it easy compared to what I have been doing: the constantly-escalating technical challenges and playing-with-live-ammo aspect of production systems management. I mean, I'm still doing that, but at least now there's a lot of totally unthreatening testing in there, too. As an added bonus, my time is billed to the clients, so I'm actually i>making the company money.
  2. Riding that them thar bike! It's like free exercise, you guys!
  3. Also: had a terrific pants day the other day. Pants were located! Pants were purchased! We discovered that the Goodwill on Broadway near Lloyd Center is great. I got an apparently unworn pair of Gap jeans for 10 bucks. I got an amazing green cowboy pear-snap button shirt for 6. ET CETERA. Also: some weird generic Chinese pseudo-cords from Sears for 15. WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME.


pulpshopgirl said...

I live a block away from that Goodwill and it is my favorite in town, by far! Two pairs of never worn Adidas for$10 each - come on!

noncoupable said...

NICE! And I totally agree on the QA thing. When I worked for a shall-remain-unamed big IT consulting firm on the east coast they occasionally would have do that. It was like all of a sudden, whoa, this ain't bad. Sit around and drink coffee while "testing" the software product and making notes on what worked, didn't work, etc, like trying to break it and noting the little problems/issues. I didn't mind documenting those cases. It was when they discovered that I could be more extroverted and friendly than the average software programmer/QA person that I got moved to fixing people's systems on site, sitting on the help desk, and doing their work for them. Yep, I was suddenly responsible for procuring millions of dollars in federal government spending to various vendors because our clients didn't know how to use our system.... it was definitely a successful model for making more money for the company but I got the feeling after a while that certain parts of the software would never work correctly on purpose and I couldn't handle all that unethical b.s.