Patriotic Observations

This was not pre-meditated, but I ended up wearing my KGB shirt (with the above image on the back) today. Happy 4th everybody!

  1. So far, the new season of True Blood is living up to expectations! Naked vampire squabbling!
  2. I really missed hanging out with other inked-up old punks during the Exile. The joint birthday party of H + D the other night was a wonderful return to form.
  3. I almost bought a single-speed bike the other day. B convinced me to simmer on it, especially because E doesn't get back from Germany for about a month (at which point she'll presumably want her bike back. Doh!)
  4. My kid has grown like a fucking FOOT in the last month or so.
  5. Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't eat so much carbs. But...it's like my only vice! Besides the drinkin', I mean!
  6. I like playing Dragon Age on my computer and Dungeons and Dragons in real life. There have also been some discussions of me running a 4th ed. Vampire game.
  7. The really successful run buying pants the other week obviated the need to do anything productive this weekend.


another kind of nerd said...

I won't even be down to visit until the end of September... you got plenty of time to mull things over.

noncoupable said...

I love the picture. On July 4th I sat in the foreign ministry archives in Beijing and read anti-American speeches and telegrams sent between leaders during the 1950s-1960s. Then I ate Chinese food for dinner (go figure). I wish I'd had a shirt as awesome as yours though.