My Cup Runneth Over

With events! I have been doing things, and the fact that when I'm at work I have to work and when I'm at home I'm hanging out with Plan C means that I don't get to blog much. As a result, the whole world suffers. Here's what's been up:
  1. I went to Sunriver with my mom, stepdad, brother, B and Plan C. We had a very nice time drinking all the wine in central Oregon. Also, there were bike rides and games of Ticket to Ride.
  2. We have been pretty darn social. This means that we eat dinner with people, basically.
  3. I started riding my (borrowed - thanks E!) bike to work. It's about 30 minutes one way, going from 47th + Stark over the Burnside Bridge to the office, then later reversing that process to go home. It's very satisfying, albeit a little scary, and if the first few days are any indication, I am going to be back in cardio-related shape very quickly.
  4. I seriously need some new pants AGAIN.
  5. I'm moving very quickly into QA (which means software testing) at work as the operations stuff sort of starts to fall off.
  6. I have initiated the house-buying process. I've sent off reams of financial paperwork, albeit digitized, to the loan officer lady, and I expect we'll be seriously at it by mid-August or so.
  7. Plan C grew like a vertical foot in a week.
I have pictures on flickr, which is where I put pictures, because I'm wary of putting pictures on Facebook. That is all.

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another kind of nerd said...

Yay to bike riding! Yay to being social! Yay to new pants! Yay to Plan C! =]