Back-Breaking Bullshit

Criminy, I mean, yes, I already knew that moving sucks, but moving sucks, man! Our apartment is now officially in mid-packing bomb-went-off mode, and we haven't even gotten to the "kitchen" yet.*

Anyway. I don't have the mental horsepower to post about this topic, and I'm on beer number two for the PM, but neither do I have anything else to post about, so here goes a short summary: apparently, the only way capitalist economics works is by inflating bubbles, riding them on the way up, then rich people jumping ship as they burst and everyone else getting screwed. You can't read the whole thing unless you're on a college campus, but this New Left Review article does a brilliant job of summing up the current situation with global economics. It scared the crap out of me (again, more) because the point is basically that there's been nothing but bubbles, no "real economy" to speak of, for thirty years now. Should we all be hoping that another bubble comes along that temporarily lifts the situation?

To sum up: there still is neither hope nor justice in the universe. But we knew that.

* Our "kitchen": a teeny hallway with a miniature Italian fridge. I am not making this up.


noncoupable said...

dude. I just picked up my rice paper for the first time since March. Man, I am so, so sorry. I guess it's past the deadline already, huh?

Good luck with the moving. I had to do that in June. It sucked and I'm not sure what's worse: moving with a wee one or moving shit to Germany (i.e., driving boxes to a port in SF and paying $$$$ to ship). It must be a close call.

kungfuramone said...

Yes, both of these things are on the short list of suck.

Re: your rice paper, I just removed the "expand this section" comments and called it good. :]