Meet the Neighbors!

Here are some of our neighbors:
  1. Hooker. Hooker lives across the hall. We think she is a drug dealer. She leaves her door open a lot and screams at her two kids, both of whom behave as if they were about seven while actually being closer to ten. She has a gigantic plasma TV bolted to her wall, which we have both seen because of before-mentioned door-leaving-opening. Hooker is trashy. Our long-suffering apartment manager regrets letting her live here.
  2. The Gypsy Vampire. The Gypsy Vampire lives in the apartment below us. For the first year or so she lived here, there was an incessant thumping sound coming from her apartment that drove me absolutely crazy. It would happen literally all night, almost every night. I confronted her about it on a couple of occasions but she pled ignorance. It eventually stopped, so now the only thing we deal with from her is the weird, moldly stench wafting up from below.
  3. Ugly Harry Potter. Ugly Harry Potter is the Gypsy Vampire's son. He's about 13 or 14 now. The two of them share the small one-bedroom place, which must be even more difficult and awkard now that he's gone through puberty. He grew a foot in the last two years or so. B saw him at the library downtown designing a mystic sword on one of the computers.
  4. Crazy Lady. Crazy Lady lives in the adjacent apartment building. She smokes a lot of weed and talks to her dog a lot. She used to be a lot noisier and more stoned, but seems to have settled down a bit. We actually really like Crazy Lady; she was especially excited to see us walking around once Plan C was born because her daughter was one month behind us, pregnant with a little boy.
  5. Fucky. Fucky is the latest addition to the gang. She also lives in the adjacent apartment building. She is a very, very loud lovemaking machine. Starting at 7:00am and going until as late as the 10:00pm hour, Fucky and whoever her boyfriend is might be heard going at it, with Fucky providing verbal evidence at about 95 decibels. What was briefly awkward to overhear is now just plain hilarious. I'm convinced Fucky is an auditory exhibitionist; she must know how easy it is to hear everything when you live in this kind of tight proximity. Occasionally, other neighbors can be overheard making fun of Fucky, which is also funny.
  6. D. D is one of our favorite neighbors. He is an African-American gentleman of imposing stature. A veteran of the Army Rangers, D lives downstairs and operates as something of the building's protector. We often bump into him in the parking lot, where he washes his vintage Benz at least once a week.
  7. A. A lives across the hall from D. She's just a nice middle-aged lady who's lived here for a long time. She's good friends with Crazy Lady; they can be heard laughing and getting baked on a pretty regular basis. As far as we can determine, A, D, and us may be the tenants who have lived in this building the longest.


noncoupable said...

Oh, Santa Cruz.

Funny thing is, there are the types of tenants / neighbors I would expect to have if the rent was half the cost.......

noncoupable said...

err, these.*

clumsygirl said...

re: Ugly Harry Potter... its funny seeing kids grow from the neighborhood. We have a whole passle of teen hooligans in our 'hood now, filling our evenings with shenanigans. Funny to me, because they were all 10-ish when we moved in. Now, instead of looking out for kids running after toys in the street, we have to interrupt their make-out sessions by our fences and drive the weed smokers out of our back alleyway. At least they're not quite driving... yet.

hmm... I need a better word for a grouping of hooligans.

kungfuramone said...

How about a "dumbfuck" of teenage hooligans?

another kind of nerd said...

Having spent time at your abode I'm trying to wrap my brain around the "adjacent" apartment building. Is this across the street? Just trying to work out auditory illusion...

Also, have any other kitties made their way to your porch? Imagine the fun of watching a bunny and a baby from outside.

Ransom said...

I love this game... Other words for a pack of teenagers?

An oblivion?
A preoccupation?
A disconcert?

林奕廷 said...

不只BLOG內容很棒留言也很精采 XDDDD