Media Frenzy

A few notes on sights and sounds today.

First, read this interview with Gerry Casale from Devo. For me, it's a great reminder of why Devo is and ever has been my favorite band. I haven't listened to the new album yet, but notes on that when I do.

Also, as you may know, I watch too much television. That will have to stop as Plan C gets older (fact: TV makes kids dumb), but just as B and I can still swear all the time right now, so we can watch stupid shows. Here are some ideas for new shows for the networks I watch, based on their existing repertoires:

DISCOVERY CHANNEL: "Rednecks at Work and Play!"
DISCOVERY CHANNEL: "Survival People Eating Gross Things in Nature!"

TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Eating Bugs With This Fat Guy!"
TRAVEL CHANNEL: "You Will Have a Fucking Heart Attack Eating this Awful Food!"
TRAVEL CHANNEL: "Things You Can Never Afford - So Fuck You!"

FOOD NETWORK: "A Show with a Creepy Republican Cooking Badly!"
FOOD NETWORK: "Bobby Flay: Serial Murderer!"
FOOD NETWORK: "Tyler Florence Wants to Beat You and Hear You Scream "Daddy!""
FOOD NETWORK: "Smarmy Horseshit with Butter!"

KQED (The PBS channel from San Francisco): "Only Antiques Roadshow Doesn't Suck!"

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