Suck You Weren't Warned About

I've long marveled at the fact that everyone is warned about adolescence, about the humiliation, the zits, the uncontrollable urges, but no one is warned about, say, your twenties, which suck at least as much, albeit in a completely different way. There are a lot of things like that out there, suck things that a lot of people experience but aren't warned about.
  1. The initial period after having a baby is REALLY HARD, you guys, but not for the reasons you'd expect. The poop and the sleep dep and the screaming are not big deals, but keeping the kid alive and healthy IS. Things just don't work and other things are very expensive.
  2. Again, your twenties. What a rough decade that is. You're supposed to be well on your way to serious adulthood, but you have no prospects, no skills, and you're still kind of an idiot. It was hard enough for me starting that nonsense around 2000; good luck to those poor little bastards starting off now. Can you say "nothing on your resume, ever"?
  3. You get old really abruptly, then your blood pressure gets really high and your hair falls out.
  4. You never get a chance to take college seriously after you blow it by doing keg stands for four years.
I know there are more things like this, but now that I bring it up, I'm drawing a blank. I get a "stupid blog post" pass, though, because I have an eight-day old baby. So there.

With love,


noncoupable said...

We all love any and all updates you have but you definitely get blog passes any day you want right now, no questions asked! In fact, if all you did was beg us for food, sleep, or laundry on your next set of lists, I'd totally be OK with that. I think that's why people offer to do that for you, so you can think about all the other baby stuff and leave the no-brainer stuff to your friends and family to take care of. :-)

becky said...

agreed! you get all sorts of passes right now.
these days are all about survival mode, for you, for baby, for b. just do WHATEVER it takes to keep you all alive and relatively sane and it will all be ok later.

Adva Ahava said...

Hey, I'm lovin' the blog posts!