1. Item! I'm pretty puzzled about my future. I have the support of a well-placed academic with connections to some publishing situations. He would like to see some of my stuff on Gorz get published. The thing is, in one month I will no longer be an academic; I'll be an unemployed guy with a PhD looking for part-time teaching jobs. I won't have the kind of institutional support necessary for researching and writing (i.e. libraries, time.) It's a weird position to be in.
  2. Item! I'm casting a wide net, gathering anecdotal information about how to feed babies. So far, all but one of my friends with small kids had to either supplement breast milk with formula or formula feed exclusively (for various reasons.) There is this stark divide between the whole lactation consultant / baby book axis and the actual lived experience of real people.
  3. Item! Along those lines, we can't find specific information anywhere about how to properly supplement with formula when you're ALSO breastfeeding. There is a ton of data out there about one or the other, but not the combination. At the same time, there is also a ton of evidence (online) that thousands of people do this, not just us. So: WTF.
  4. Item! B is healing from her surgery really fast and we get to go on walks. Plan C likes to snooze in her baby carrier thing I wear. It's fun.
  5. Item! I'm actually pretty excited to teach this summer. Having a year off from teaching helps.

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clumsygirl said...

fyi - one of my longtime friends from The Beach went through many trials and tribulations with the baby feeding. You may want to check out her blog, or possibly contact her.