Our homies SJ + D, immediately after successfully getting married on Saturday.
  1. We spent the weekend up in Santa Rosa, putting our weight behind the wedding of above-pictured peeps. It was great fun, featuring the (Star Wars) Imperial March, thoughtful and eloquent toasts, enchiladas, and me in a dope outfit. Unfortunately, it also produced the worst hangover I've had in three years; yesterday was lost. The whole day is just a big painful blot in my memory. Anyway, the important thing is that the wedding was really nice. Congrats, SJ + D!
  2. Today I'm driving my adviser and his wife to SFO, then carting stuff up to their place in Bonny Doon (the one that didn't get burned down in the recent fire.) For the next five weeks, I'm Dr. KFR, home-sitter! The logistics are going to be inconvenient, with a twenty-minute drive to town, but I'm extremely stoked about the peace, quiet, and ability to have two people in the same room without literally running into each other.


ransom said...

I'm impressed and delighted by the skill with which the folks we know have been selecting their wedding music. You guys with the Edward Scissorhands theme, J and V this very same weekend with the Plugz' Reel Ten (Repo Man outro), and now SJ and D's fine choice. Good stuff.

kungfuramone said...

Our friends: they are on top of shit. It's true.

Happy Hippo said...

Post some pictures of the place on your blog. I so want to see where your advisor lives.