Media Day: Karate Chop

Just wanted to get your attention; I have no karate chops to offer.

What I do have are brief notes on media!

1. The new season of Flight of the Conchords is just as wonderful as one would hope. Thanks to the power of the interwebs, I now have several episodes to enjoy. May I direct your attention to the music video for "My Sugar Lumps":

2. My new homie FY did a fine job taking buttloads of pictures of C's post-QE pre-going-back-to-Japan party the other night at the Red. Based on that evening's festivities, I have now decided that The Red doesn't suck and that I actually like it there.

3. B and I are almost finished watching The Long Way Down, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's motorcycle trip from Scotland to South Africa. I'd say it's equally fun to watch as their original trip, from England to NY via Kazakhstan.

4. I have a new video game for the first time in freakin' ever.

Also, sneak peeks. This week on kungfuramone:
  • Marx wasn't a dumbass and other things to talk to your students about before they turn in their essays.
  • Iceland is populated by grunting morons, according to this one article.
  • People shouldn't be too "mindful," according to this other article.
Ok. A few paragraphs to go on today's attempt to write five pages of dissertation. Off I go.


noncoupable said...

Ah, I love that video!

And this picture

Alexis said...

too mindful - are you talking about Judith Warner? -- I just love that lady.

I can't believe sitting and thinking to yourself is a trend now though! Like I said I love her, but that mindfulness was one was well-written, but about a silly thing a mon avis...

Rachel said...

Flight of the Conchords is *awesome*

and... just because...

Kelly said...

I get a lot of Marx dismissal in my classes too. Most recently he's been called absurd and anyone who thought he might have been right about anything, an idiot. I look forward to the next post. (and still think we should put together a "Marx for undergrads" packet)