Apropos of California

To the right is my new favorite-ever picture of myself, snapped whilst hovering over cheesecake as described in the previous post. It captures everything I like about me: sweater-vests and coffee.

Our trip home was uneventful in a good way. We stopped off in Oregon City and visited B's older brother and his clan (which involved the usual amount of me carting around little kids on my back) and had a painless flight back to the San Jose airport.

This morning, while working on the best-ever dissertation, I felt the tell-tale shaking of the chair I was sitting in. Sure enough, there was a magnitude 4.3 quake right over the hill from SC. I still haven't experienced a quake that involves anything dramatic (like, glasses falling off a shelf or the roof collapsing on me), which is good.

And, the sky is entirely blue and sunny and the banal old sun is glaring down. Welcome home, me.


clumsygirl said...

Did you hear about mrpants' sister's flight this week? At her connection in Phoenix, they called an ambulance and she was rushed to the ER with a burst eardrum. Ugh. Ear infections and flying are super not fun.

kungfuramone said...

That is full of terrible! Yikes.