I Am Over Tonsils (and Other Weighty Considerations)

Whenever I miss a night of sleep, there's a good chance that I'm a-gonna get sick soon afterward.  If I miss a night of sleep and then my daughter starts waking up between 5:15am - 6am almost every morning, it becomes a sure thing.  When I get sick, my tonsils swell up and sting like bitches, then after a day or two a veritable mucous tsunami hits my respiratory system.  FUN.

I know that they now think it bad and unhealthy to remove tonsils from kids unless absolutely necessary, but they can go in and carve mine out with a ice cream scoop whenever the hell they feel like it.

Also: how about that male escape fantasy to move to a cabin in the woods and, say, write the great American novel (or read a giant stack of books about mythology, or become the most epic bow hunter since the ice ages, or whatever...)?  One of my three bosses showed me this http://cabinspiration.tumblr.com/">funny tumblr site (I think that's the right one...) that sort of summed up "cabin porn," meaning, pictures of cabins meant to inspire men to wish they could actually do that.

I totally don't want to run away from my two year-old for, like, ever, but sometimes I do wish I could do so for a few hours.  A shallow ditch beside a highway would work just as well as a cabin for that.

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