Further Notes and Observations

  1. A while ago, I posted about Chinese restaurant names.  One of the constituent elements is the word "garden" (e.g. "Yang's Happy Wok Garden.")  I saw a place the other day called "Norm's Garden"...that violates the principle of only Chinese-sounding monosyllabic names, but it does have garden.  I'm on the fence about this one.
  2. Best probably-exists-somewhere Chinese restaurant name: Wang's Yummy Golden Wok Temple.
  3. Sample lyrics from one of the three new Nervous songs I wrote recently: "I'm in service to the Iron Lord, and I wield the +4 sword."
  4. My favorite subjects of documentaries are the following: people climbing Mt. Everest, high fashion, and prison gangs.  All three hit the same vicarious / schadenfreude sweet spot, best enjoyed on the couch with a beer (sample thoughts: "man, the death zone has very little oxygen!"; "whoa!  Pelican Bay state pen is rough!"; "I wonder if she'll find a buyer for this season's collection!")
  5. One other really good documentary available on streaming Netflix is called The Examined Life...it's a series of 10-minute interviews with prominent contemporary philosophers about pretty much whatever the fuck they feel like talking about.  Coolest philosopher: Cornell West.  Based on his interview, I definitely need to read his stuff.
  6. My girls get back from California tomorrow!

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