Regarding Being a Yuppie

We went for a walk this morning from our house to Overlook Park so that the kid could get her fix of "Playgraw!  Playgraw!" that she's been yammering on about ever since she discovered that swings and slides are fun.  Along the way we passed groups of nicely put-together 30-somethings tidying up parks and schools for Earth Day, arriving in their Priuses and Mazda 5s and Honda Fits to spend the day with their kids, learning the value of shoveling. 

At the playground, across the street from the Kaiser compound at which she got a clean bill of health for her two-year wellness check just yesterday, she scampered about amidst the other well-scrubbed youngsters (note: the kid in the red shirt with the elementary school mullet was kind of obnoxious.  B, justly, blamed an inadequately involved father who was standing by but not contributing) and having a lot of fun.

On our return we built yet more Ikea furniture, did a lot of yard work, put the kid down for her nap, and contributed to the local economy.*  Now B's off for her hair cut and tonight we're off to dinner at Pause with the Pants in a while.

We're seriously considering buying a Honda Fit at some point soonish.

This process took a while, but here we are: young urban professionals with a doted-on child dressed to the nines in H+M toddler gear.  I think it's still safe to say that we're not total dickheads, but I want this post to reflect that I'm aware of what's happened.

* I sorely wish that "contributed to the local economy" was some kind of euphemism, but it just means that I spent 50 bucks at Fred Meyer.


becky said...

my husband is in charge of our city's composting program, i am looking into opening a retail store that focuses on "green" baby products, we are in the process of trying to get our kid into the kindergarten with the environmental science focus and we just bought a hybrid suv. we are eco-yuppies and i am all too aware of it. sometimes i have to drink a crappy beer and throw the can in the garbage just to feel better about myself. (except in reality i don't really drink and i am from eugene so i am physically unable to not recycle.)

kungfuramone said...

I still like to wear a wife beater and my Pabst hat when I can for precisely the same reason.