On the Incredible Difficulty of Being a Bon Vivant After 30

Just a few notes on this, an evening when Plan C chased B and I around for hours while cackling maniacally until it was finally time for her to go to bed:

It's hard to keep a grip on the sardonic swashbuckling style that defined us all when we were, say, 24, when we're all, say, 34-ish, now.  Then, even having to hold down steady jobs didn't deter us from music and new tattoos and frequent outings to the city's more distinguished dive bars.  Now, the same steady jobs (or, different ones that are equally steady) seem to have plundered what remained of our anima, leaving us to sink into the mire of routine, only too infrequently to rally and watch a funny movie over many bottles of cheap vino.

But I say: I will steadfastly attempt to resist this trend to the best of my abilities!  When possible!  This is a part of the New Thing I'm Trying These Days!

In that spirit, you really, honestly need to watch this.  It's Obama slow-jamming the news on late night TV.  I'm not making this up.

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