I am just saying:
  1. If you take your bike on the train, you're not actually riding your bike.  You're taking the train and using up a bunch of space the rest of us could use to stand on the train...you dick.
  2. I wish I could drink cheaper beer, but I'm a sophisticated gentleman now.  
  3. My company has enough juice* that we have a real-deal water cooler now, not just the crappy weird hippy filter that one of my three bosses bought off of the part-time senior developer.
  4. Water towers are synonymous with neighborhood the way we do it in NoPo.
  5. Another note on public transportation: the way you do it is serious headphones and a book.  Then just get all secluded in a corner and you're good to go until you arrive at your stop.
  6. You know what they don't tell you about having a kid?  It's the fact that they become completely hilarious by the time they're about 19 months old.  Like, far funnier than any funny person you've ever known.
  7. That said, Steve Martin is still pretty fucking funny.  He was on Austin City Limits playing the banjo like a champ and cracking wise.
  8. I got Yen in a suitcase from the Yakuza.
* In the gangster-as-of-the-late-90s sense.


Ransom said...

Aw, c'mon. Not everybody lives and works two blocks from the MAX stops. Bike->train->bike is not insane.

I got asked if I was (a?) Yakuza when I was in Tokyo. Apparently they don't see a lot of tattoos...

noncoupable said...

That was one good thing about SC - bike racks on the front of the buses.

In Germany they charge you more money with the bike (an extra ticket) and i think there are restrictions on times of the day you can bring the train on the U-Bahn... but on the RegioBahn they actually designate the bottom compartments of certain double-decker cars for bicycles - as in, there's a whole separated area where people strap their bikes up with bungee cords against seats (which conveniently fold up). People without bikes sit elsewhere, and if there are no bikes then the seats fold down and can be used. But then again, if you live < 20K from where you work there's no reason to use any of this since there are separated bike lanes on the sidewalk, off the road, for cyclists. Really, they've thought of everything in Germany.