We're having the annual false spring in Oregon.  It's in the mid-50s during the day, sunny and blue, with confused plants and elated confused people everywhere.  It was rainy enough in January that I'm tolerating it so far, but the precip better return within a week or so or I'm going to start...uh...well, silently grumbling.  So I guess there isn't much at stake, really.

Anyway, we took advantage of said false spring to go on our first real successful walk in the neighborhood since we moved here in November.  Plan C was highly resistant to her stroller for a while there, but she seems to have grown out of that phase (happily.)  We live in the Overlook neighborhood.  We found a really neat park about a mile south of the south overlooking Swan Island, which is the industrial park / train yards of north Portland, as well as the Willamette.  Here are four pics of the occasion:
I have a thing for water towers.  There are a lot of really neat ones around here.

Plan C.  This is how she rolls (i.e. with a bunny hat.)

Swan Island, St. Johns Bridge in the distance.

A bunch of locks hung on the chain link screen deal on the Concord Ave. pedestrian bridge.

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