A Little Braggadocio

Sorry, but here it is:

MY NEW HOUSE IS AWESOME.  It has floors!  It has a yard!  It has garbage and recycling service!  It has space!  It has gas heat and a gas stove (new oven, new furnace!)  This morning I took the Max* in to work and it was basically door-to-door service from the stop two blocks from my house to the stop one block from the office.  I even have that which I have dreamed of for so long: a desk in the basement with a desktop computer hooked up (via a network cable, not wireless) to the interwebs.

My friends are a stalwart crew.  We had 14 people materialize to help with the move on Saturday and the whole thing was done in 4.5 hours, including refueling and returning the Uhaul.  We had so many people helping that we had bottlenecks loading up the truck and (on the other end) loading up the house.  Thanks, guys.

In addition, I am pleased to report that Plan C loves the new digs and that Pesto is happily running bunny sprints between the dining and living rooms.

If only me-living-in-Santa-Cruz could see me now...

* To non-Portlanders: the Max is the municipal light rail.  It is a speedy whooshing train of efficient transportationing.

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another kind of nerd said...

I like your braggadocio.