The Nervous: Updated Report

Yesterday was the second meeting of the three-man rock n' roll party experience The Nervous. We ran through our "set," such as it is, a couple of times. We tightened bolts and adjusted screws. So to speak. Tunes so far include:
  1. Mental Retard (Riverdales)
  2. Stick Boy (Hanson Bros.)
  3. My Girlfriend's a Robot (Hanson Bros.)
  4. Not For Mary Lou (Hanson Bros.)
  5. IP V6 (me)
  6. Firmware (me)
  7. song that Ransom wrote that I can't remember the name of (Ransom)
I expect we'll end up dropping Stick Boy, because playing a song about Hockey doesn't quite fit the self-imposed / understood genre restrictions, but otherwise it's full speed ahead.

The Nervous: Punctuality, Cleanliness, Efficiency. An Iron Core of Discipline.

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The Meat Machine said...

Your profound love of efficiency has made you more German than German. I already love this band.