Bachelor Pad

B and Plan C are down in California visiting the 'rentals, leaving me to my own wily out-of-control paint-peeling-from-the-walls madness big-money-spendin' ways. They include:
  1. Eating pasta every night.
  2. Watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.
  3. Playing a lot of Borderlands. I have shot my way through about 2/3 of the game so far.
  4. Not shaving. I have my scruff-tastic thing going on at this point.
  5. Going to work. Shit!
It sounds like they're having a really nice time down there, aided greatly by the fact that Plan C is sleeping through the night (A.) and pooping semi-regularly (B.), neither of which she did the last time they were down there back in January.

Anyway. I hope everyone is still good-looking out there.

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