Futher Observations

  1. As far as I can tell, none of the buskers (that is a person who plays music on the street for money) near the food carts in downtown Portland ever make any money. Maybe it's because they suck so badly.
  2. If there's something better than Pad Khee Mao from a Thai cart for five bucks, I don't care: I'm still getting Pad Khee Mao from a Thai cart for five bucks.
  3. (Technical note): In software development there's a thing called source control, in which you automatically keep copies of your source code in a central repository, so you can always revert back to a working version if you accidentally break something. There is nothing like that for doing systems stuff (i.e. servers and networking.) When you fuck up, things just stop working.
  4. You know what really sucked? Nu-metal.
  5. Also, back in the early 90s, there were a lot of guys who wore shorts with long-johns underneath tucked into combat boots. Those same guys would smoke some weed and then go see Primus.
  6. My daughter is cuter than a pile of kittens. I'm sorry, but it's true.
  7. I am sporting skinny jeans. I took the plunge. Levi's 511s. They've already revolutionized my lifestyle.
  8. I do so many crunches and push-ups, but I always look the same. Oh well.
  9. My homie Ransom and I are going to start playing music again this Saturday! Our band name: The Nervous.


Kelly said...

Ok, going to chime in as the exercise-fanatic: Are you doing just old school style crunches? That's probably the problem. Most likely you're not forcing your body to life enough weight. You can add resistance. You have 3 main options: Use and inclined bench and add weights (this is the Luke method). 2) Check out some pilates exercises - they're simple but will kick your ass. 3) Even better, get an exercise ball (the big, bouncy, blow up kind - C will love it) and start doing abs on that. Focus not on getting your torso up, but only on contracting your abs as much as you can and the result of the contraction lifts your upper body. Then do the same abs with a 5 lb weight in your hands. Then go up to 8 lbs. If it doesn't hurt to laugh after your first exercise ball workout, call me, you're doing it wrong. Once you get through that, I'll walk you though jack knives.

As for push ups? likely the same problem. Plus, push ups are really good for developing women's upper body strength, but won't really build muscle on most men. Make them harder - keep on leg in the air. Make your hands into a triangle on the ground in front of you and then try them. Do it Yoga style w/ your hands close to your body and right underneath your shoulders, elbows pointing immediately back. Try tri push-ups/dips on a chair.

I can't help you with the systems back up, but I can help with this :)

kungfuramone said...

WHOA, dude.

Kelly said...

Just my $.02 :)

(part of it is from Amanda, too)

noncoupable said...

Haha, OMG Kelly. I was so going to write the same thing.... thanks for saving me on that.

My only additional info is to tell you that it's really hard to see abs on most women's bodies because they store more fat around the middle, and if you drink too much beer that just makes it more difficult. But as a guy this doesn't seem to matter unless the beer consumption is like overboard or something (verging on alcoholic).

If you do care, some cardio thrown in there will help. Nothing serious necessary, especially since you don't normally do it and your goal isn't to lose weight. I'd say 20-30 minutes, 3-4 times per week, at an intensity of 60-65% (that's like perceived exertion rate of 2, which in lay person speak is like going jogging and being able to still talk with some slightly labored breathing).

Maybe Kelly and I should jointly write a book about all this someday. Or actually maybe now in order to continue avoiding doing the diss. work. Which reminds me: I just met a Physics PhD student from Italy who wrote an award-winning light pop fiction novel 2 years ago... out of earshot of everyone who came to hear his talk and while he was having a coffee I said to him "so... I have a non-book question to ask you. Did you write this book to avoid finishing your dissertation?" He laughed and basically said yes, yes he did.


noncoupable said...

Oh yeah, and when I was doing systems back-up it was possible to run two servers simultaneously with the same setup. We used something called Heartbeat at that time... When one server failed the other switched on in a matter of seconds.

kungfuramone said...


Yeah, I know about setting up failovers. But try telling that to a production firewall when you're making ACL changes.