A Lament for the Blogosphere of Yesteryear

(Today's title: a contender for worst...title...ever.)

I have little time or energy, as ever, but I wanted to say: I miss blogs. I miss the days, those halcyon days of youth way back in 2006 or so, when a lot of people had personal blogs that they wrote in for no good reason, often several times a week. It was nice because a lot of the blogs I read were written by friends who lived far away...it was an easy way to keep up with the basic happenings, goings-on, and shenanigans of people I didn't get to see in the flesh very often.

Near as I can tell, blogs live on among people who use them for something useful, like social/political/intellectual commentary or serious hobbyism (craft blogs are still huge, apparently, according to B.) The pointless personal blogs I so love, however, have either been replaced by tumblr among people who give a shit about keeping up with the times (the only friend I have in this category is K), or simply abandoned (like most of the ones I have in my Google Reader selection.)

The two jobs, the baby, the sobbing softly curled up in a little ball*, etc., keep my posts down to one every week or two these days, but I have no intention of throwing in the towel. Just as I was still hand-coding HTML in my old blog years after it was hopelessly archaic to do so, I will still be blogging when everyone else is, like, projecting their memories into one another's brains via wireless signals running over IP V6 (or something.) Uh, so there.

* Me, not that baby, usually.


becky said...

i miss it too! i'm always excited when one of my "irl" blogs comes up in my reader. and yet... i have little desire to start it up again. maybe when school is over and i have the desire to write about something other than art history?
i'm glad you still blog though.

pulpshopgirl said...

I was just thinking of starting mine up again...perhaps you have inspired me to actually do it.

another kind of nerd said...

good sir! there shall be a blog revival. I have grand travel schemes & blogging will facilitate communication.

I think somewhere along the way the mundane became a bad thing and not something to examine and poke fun at. that's what happened for me anyway. but soon you shall see something akin to the elvis 1968 comeback special in my bloggin' world.

Adva Ahava said...

I love reading your blog, so don't stop posting. I'd keep a personal one in public but I don't think I could keep enough of the personal out of it to make it public.

Colin said...

I just got an invite that suggests that the good times are not over yet.

hardcori said...

I am also glad you still blog. Keep up the good work. I neglected mine so badly it's like I can't just go back.... I keep thinking I need to figure out how to "archive" it and take it down. That and I can't even think of interesting facebook status updates, let alone whole blog posts anymore!