Update All Over the Place

  1. It turns out that Full Sail makes a tasty lager (called LTD), which doesn't really taste like a lager to me, but is still good! So, thanks for trying, Full Sail!
  2. I really enjoyed the movie and associated soundtrack Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. As things like that do, it vaguely made me miss playing in bands. In particular, it made me mourn the nonexistence of some kind of generic middle-of-the-road catchy indie garage pop/rock.
  3. You know what's pretty sweet? Getting Cisco networking equipment to authenticate against a Linux-based radius server. That's what.
  4. I am in love with the PCC shuttle. It's free and it picks me up and drops me off (along with a couple of dozen other people) 10 minutes from my apartment. There's even a downtown line that plops me down close to the software company when I do my schizo teaching / IT guy days.
  5. The baby sleeps in her crib now. The transition was tough but nowhere near as tough as we (or any of the don't-sleep-with-your-baby naysayers)* thought it would be.
  6. The baby has been antisocial lately. She is no longer instantly charmed by loud groups of people. This makes it harder to take her to Motley Crue concerts.
* I do not know who exactly I mean by this.

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clear screen said...

*you mean no one and everyone. i've thought about this recently and have decided that being a parent means (among other things) feeling guilty about the way you do things, even though no one has ever really criticized you outloud. it's just out there in the world, "you're not doing it right."