I Was Observed

I had my observation at school today. If it went well, I might get to teach further classes there. If it didn't, I won't. I was feeling okay leading up to it, but now I feel sort of like I got hit by a bus.

B and Plan C leave for California in three days. It's going to be super, super weird for me being away from them.

Our internet connection sucks, so I'm stealing K's through the wall at the moment. Thanks, K!

My bunny's breath smells like bunny food.


clumsygirl said...

I had the district superintendent, the director of secondary education and my principal walk into my classroom unannounced the other day and poke around for awhile. It left me feeling a little vulnerable.

theNerdPatrol said...

Hey! Those are my internets! ;)
And you can always come feel weird over here while they're gone.

Ransom said...

You know you have no shortage of qualified people with whom you can feel weird. Keep us posted.