Job Shit Is Crazy, Dudes

Look. I just don't have the energy for a big thing on this, but observe:
  1. I have an interview next week for two(!) possible community college teaching jobs in winter term. A combination of connections and extraordinary luck brought this about; let's hope I don't totally screw the pooch on this.
  2. I turned down a possible tech job this morning. Because it pretty much sucked: too much work for not enough money.
  3. I have been having a great time at the software company I'm temping/contracting/consulting/your-mom-ing at. The big guys there would like me to learn how to code in C-sharp, ASAP. I am actually going to try to do that. (Ha, ha...ha. No, Seriously. I really am.)


theNerdPatrol said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on TWO interviews!!!

noncoupable said...

yay! I hope you get those jobs!!! In the meantime, the C stuff should be fine -- you have programming experience, no? If you do, it's like learning Italian after French, only easier. Pas de probleme mon pote!

Elizabeth said...


another kind of nerd said...

yay for prospects and yay for standards!

in other news, my word verification word amuses me: eurish.

* Eurish you were this dope!
* I hate that bubble-gum euro-pop trash from Eurish. What kind of band name is that anyway?
* I have to go to the hardware store for a eurish, it apparently attaches to the P trap.