I mentioned a few posts back about semi-destroying my trusty iBook. Two days after that happened, I ordered a new cheapo laptop from Dell to replace it, which showed up the next week.* Since then, it's been a veritable nonstop cavalcade of compu-debacle, ending (perhaps?!) yesterday. Here's how it all went down:
  1. I pour cereal and rice milk on my iBook. It doth protest.
  2. I semi-revive it after tearing it open. The keyboard, touchpad, and half of the RAM are fried.
  3. I bring my PC up from the basement and discover that it's dead, too. I order a new motherboard.
  4. The motherboard shows up. I install it. The thing is still borked.
  5. I order the replacement laptop for less than 500 bucks.
  6. It arrives. I resize the Windows 7 partition and install Debian Linux on half of the hard drive.
  7. I cannot for the life of me get wireless to work in Linux. I futz about with updates, a new kernel compile, and all kinds of nonsense.
  8. It completely dies - neither OS will boot. I start over.
  9. Windows installs but wireless ceases working. I switch to Kubuntu over stock Debian, which works...except for wireless.
  10. I get wireless to work in Kubuntu, because I am an amazing computer hacking stud.
  11. Days pass as I try everything known to man or beast to get wireless to work in Windows. Right before I give in and think about another reinstall, some random combination of steps fixes it.
B has been very patient with this crap. Now I actually have to get some work done instead of wrenching on a laptop all day...

* BTW, Dell is no better or worse than any other big PC manufacturer. Seriously.

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Kelly said...

I'll see if I can sacrifice a deer on campus to appease the computer gods on your behalf.

These are the tools of our trade, it makes sense to get the tools in order before the work can begin again.