Hating the Heat

The elements of enjoying hot weather might include the following:
  • A/C.
  • A porch with chairs or a couch.
  • Cold beers.
  • Screen doors.
  • Water? For people who like that kind of thing?
We have none of these things.

The elements of why I hate hot weather do include the following:
  • Third-floor apartment (note: heat rises.)
  • Tattoos make being in sun inconvenient.
  • I am always about five degrees warmer than everyone else.
  • I can barely swim.
  • I try not to leave the apartment in Santa Cruz.
That all said, I guess I can't complain too much - it's been about 67 degrees here all summer. The good times couldn't go on forever.


noncoupable said...

hmm. You should learn how to swim, if only because it does come in handy for not drowning and promises fun with the little one. There's this awesome indoor pool in Berlin with lots of shallow pools, the mushroom sprinkler, a wave pool, and a kiddie slide. The atmosphere is nice, they have lots of green plants and it's just warm enough to be comfortable but not hot. It literally offers a full day of entertainment to a kid (12-8pm on the weekends, with a full snack bar, tables, and chairs to lay out on) for the cost of 5 euros (outdoor pools are cheaper). I'm guessing you might find yourself with similar entertainment options for kids wherever you move.

On second thought, I guess none of that really requires the ability to swim since the pool water is likely to never be more than 2-4 feet deep.

kungfuramone said...

I *can* swim, I just "suck at it."