Don't Bother With the Psychologist

"Yeah, uh, go ahead and don't call again."

Editor's note: We all know that talking about your dreams is stupid and tedious. To help deal with the phenomenon, I established a rule many years ago for talking about dreams: you get two sentences to describe a dream in all of its intricacies.

In my dream last night, I was confronted by a faculty member at UC to the SC, who informed me that I had not, in fact, finished my PhD. I broke down in a kind of whiny semi-freak-out, telling her that I...I...I just had to get out of SC.

You could assign this dream to high school students studying Freud and get pretty accurate readings, I think.

P.S. B, completely earnest, just now: "We need more disco beats!"

(this after a successful Goodwill-gathering mission in the kitchen set to the Scissor Sisters.)


theNerdPatrol said...

I agree with your sub-conscious that you need to get..get..get.. out of SC! :)

Colin said...

The two sentence rule wouldn't work for me.

Leah said...

I remember those dreams about not finishing my architecture degree...What did one psychologist say to the other? You're fine, how am I?