Oh, That's What It Is

Yeah, well...
  1. Up.
  2. Go to campus 50% of the time, stay home the other 50%. Cite a few things.
  3. Home.
  4. Video games, food, hanging out.
  5. Bed.
What I should be doing with the remaining seven weeks before the kiddo joins us in the one-bedroom apartment is start work on a proper article. Then, at some point soonish, I would finish this article and submit it to a peer-reviewed journal of intellectual history or, following discussion with patron crazy Marxist prof, submit it instead to some radical lefty peer-reviewed journal. In doing so, the thin thread of hope that I will someday be an academic when I grow up might yet remain intact.

But I'm done, people. It's been six straight years. I didn't always work as hard as I could, and I can think of a lot of things I'd do differently now if I'd known better, but I gave it a pretty good run and I'm really tired. A lot of people take a year after they QE and just kind of kick around and write for grants and (in the words of a friend) watch the tomatoes grow in the back yard, and I totally get that now. I'm looking forward to teaching this summer, because I can just do that without having to think deep thoughts, and that sounds juuuuuuust right (in the Goldilocks sense.)*

*i.e. I will be devoured by bears.

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