Let's All Cheer Up

There. Doesn't that make you feel better?

We went to a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner at our homies S + T's in San Francisco back in November. Along with us, those in attendance included bike punk co-workers and, especially, lots of T's surfer buddies (T is both an old school and a badass surfer.) We drank the wine, we drank the booze, we ate the food, there was a lot of loudness, but whenever a Hall and Oates song came on the mp3 mix in the background, everyone got quiet, and someone would murmur: "Man. This is a good song."

It's a post-post-ironic thing: Hall and Oates wrote good songs.

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another kind of nerd said...

should I be ashamed that I've always enjoyed Hall & Oates? meh.