Wilford Brimley LIVES

Pop quiz! When did Wilford Brimley die?
  1. In 1965.
  2. In 1988.
  3. He is STILL ALIVE!
The answer, much to my shock, is #3! He is in a stupid-ass new romantic comedy with the shockingly butt-ugly Sarah Jessica Parker and the completely ridiculous Hugh Grant! See below:

Butt ugly.


Now THAT is about which I talk!

Last night, when B and I made this discovery before a rerun of Iron Chef, she started doing creepy seductive things to my leg pretending she was Wilford Brimley. Then she told me that Wilford Brimley was going to "Haul my Oats."

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Beetlegirl said...

It's true. Wilford Brimley has the hots for KFR.