Incredibly Stupid Ideas

I have these days during which I don't have to leave my apartment at all if I don't want to. Maybe 50% of the time, on days like that, I'll make up an errand, just to remind myself of why I don't ever want to leave the apartment in the first place.

Here are some incredibly stupid things in the world, inspired by my trip to Rite Aid.*
  1. Jethro Tull: a rock band with a lead flute player.
  2. Lowered trucks.
  3. Music in stores.
  4. Uggs with miniskirts in winter.**
  5. Retail cards that don't give you a discount, but instead produce printed-out coupons with your receipt than expire within a week.
  6. Cities designed with the idea that their inhabitants will get around everyday via a highway system.
  7. File format incompatibility between different versions of the same program (see: .doc vs. .docx).
  8. Road construction done in the mid-afternoon.
  9. The fact that water has to be shut off for an entire apartment building instead of individual apartments in need of repairs.
  10. Bad coffee sold at coffee shops.
* Having decided to boycott CVS permanently. In part because of item #5, above.
** A number of us were expressing incredulity lately that this still happens on campuses. What should have been a flash-in-pan trend has become an ongoing sartorial phenomenon of Satan.


Dolce Vita said...

Uggs all by themselves are a stupid idea. I can't get away from them in my neighborhood. I'm looking forward to the holiday break when I'll get to go to a place where they don't exist (a place with cold weather).

noncoupable said...

I agree with all of those points, but in particular the highway system and the coffee shop. What I don't get about the bad coffee-coffee shops is how they can even be a coffee shop if their coffee sucks so bad?

kungfuramone said...

Precisely! See: the entire Starbucks mega-empire.

DV: I do think it's a bit worse in Cali than in Oregon. And yeah, the irony of winter boots only being popular in a desert state is not lost on me.

hardcori said...

Personally, I like fleece lined boots, they are warm and comfy. But wearing them with miniskirts seems to defeat the purpose. Why keep your feet and the lower part of your calves warm, only to let your knees and thighs freeze?