Definitely Need Drugs...

...if I'm ever going to get on a plane again.  So I'm going to talk to the doctor about that on Thursday.

See, I just got back from a four-day trip to see my inlaws in Cali.  The visit was great - they have always been very sensible about what people ought to do on vacation: almost nothing.  Both of them are wonderful with Plan C as well, so B and I had a chance to sleep in until 7am (yes, I said that), relax on couches, sit on the deck and drink high-octane beer, and do other things we rarely get to do anymore.  Except for the beer.

I had to go back to work, so I flew back last night while the girls stay on for a few more days.  I have three days to do both the kind of work that pays money and the kind that decidedly doesn't: clean up the basement, hang a mirror, etc.  I've also got a date with my home girl K to go eat food and watch her play Skyrim.

Speaking of, man do I wish I got to play complicated contemporary games like Skyrim.  I don't, though, because my computer can't and because neither can my life.

Uh...that's all I got.  Go look at my pics on flickr - if you can't see them, that's because all the ones of the kid are set to only-contacts-on-flickr-can-see-them.  In that case, enjoy the other two.

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Dolce Vita said...

I know what you mean about funny 19-month olds. Even when they're behaving terribly, they are SO entertaining.

Please add me to the flikr friends list. I want to see the pictures too. (I'll add you to my list of authorized-to-see-online-photos list too, if that sweetens the deal.) I also want to see pics of the house!