Man, I Hate Learning

(side note: when you become a parent, one thing that happens is that you cringe every time an emergency vehicle goes past while the baby is taking her nap. Shut UP, ambulance!)

I did a dumb thing recently, dumb enough that I'm not going to post about the details in a public forum, just a few hours after I had been musing on the fact that it really sucks to have to make the mistake-from-which-you-learn-a-valuable-lesson FIRST to learn the concomitant valuable lesson. My whole personality revolves around valuable lessons that might be learned without making the mistake first; this is called "anxiety."

Also, this morning, I spent a few hours at work (note: it is Saturday) trying to get a Microsoft server thing to work. It didn't at all. It was like the bad old NT 4 days, of clicking a thing and it saying "ok!" in the dialog box but nothing actually happens. No errors, nothing in the logs, just a pure vortex of utter blackness deep in the machine's memory. Up yours, Redmond.

I am done with learning for a little while.


Adam said...

A very similar thing happened at the clinic yesterday. One of our potable machines kept saying it had sent the image to the computer, but nothing ever showed up. And here was this guy trying to get out of the hospital, but the doc needed to see the x-ray first. three hours later we got it (sort of) fixed.

technology is always one step from broken.

Alexis said...

I am also a fan of doing the bad thing that supposedly taught you a lesson AGAIN later - long after you thought you had learned the lesson- to feel like not just a dummy but the biggest one. Then you can spiral out for even weeks wondering when you got STUPIDER than a younger version of you. :-) <- that emoticon is there because it's okay. Classic idiocy - universally understood.

Alexis said...

And I like that definition of anxiety.