I Represent

I got my Oregon license, plates, and insurance all sorted out yesterday. I missed one question out of thirty on the knowledge test: what causes the most accidents involving motorcycles? I bet you did not know, but it is the scourge of abrupt left turns.

The agenda has been more nuts than usual of late. B's been minding Plan C and finishing the unpacking / organizing / logistics while I bang my head against code at work and trying to write lectures as fast as humanly possible. We had dinner with friends twice in the last three days, with a massive birthday celebration planned for this evening following a Xmas-tree outing and a visitation with B's brother at the puppet factory.*

Here are some of the things that have been just amazing and help counterbalance the stress and sleep-dep lately:
  • Pad Khee Mow (mao?)
  • More coffee than usual, if such a thing is possible
  • Friends of taste and learning
  • Oregon plates
  • This apartment
  • I like the bus
  • Kind of crappy fantasy novels set in D+D worlds
  • Copying and pasting other people's code and changing it slightly
* Seriously, he works at a puppet factory.

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