Observations For Your Day

  1. Learning to program is hard, not easy.
  2. Say what you will about Comcast, their repair/support guys are totally nice and helpful.
  3. B and I have abused our recycling privileges at the new place - we had a lot of boxes, and we yet have more to go. DEAL WITH IT.
  4. Dominos pizza really is quite good now; I'm not sure if it actually changed, but the whole crew was super into it the other day.
  5. You know what I still love to do? Play Dungeons and Dragons.
  6. You know how many lectures I've had time to write for next term so far? None.
  7. Pesto is loving the new place. She has a big carpeted room to run around in and things to hide behind. Total bunny heaven.
  8. So...tired...

1 comment:

noncoupable said...

hang in there! I am dreaming of your pollution-free world..... in fact, coding is looking more attractive every day in this environment